How to Write a Good Essay

1A good essay consists of many components:

A Great Topic/Title – All good essays should start with a topic that engages the reader and persuades them to continue reading. For example, instead of titling your essay ‘Dogs’, try something like ‘Man’s best friend’ or ‘Domesticated wolves’.

Interesting Words – This is fairly obvious, but you want an essay to contain words that are interesting and specific. Instead of using the word big, try gigantic or humongous. This will bring up your score on an essay with little effort. Try using a thesaurus to find synonyms to fill your essay.

Images or Charts – Including pictures or graphs in your essay will allow the reader to better understand the topic that you are presenting, which makes for a happier teacher and a better grade. There are many websites that provide free images that could be used for any essay.

Quality Research – It is very important to do research on a topic before you begin writing, even if you think you know it well. By doing this research, you can be sure that your facts are correct and your reader is given necessary information about the topic.

No Plagiarism – A good essay is written in your own words using sentences with varying structures. Not only can plagiarism get you a failing grade, but it is illegal. There are websites that allow you to check for plagiarism, but some have a fee for this service.

Pay attention to requirements – You must make sure to meet the minimum word requirement, as well as include all the components that are required for your specific essay. Pay close attention to any instructions give to you by the teacher.

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